Google Analytics

With the Snowplow Google Analytics integration, you can visualize your Snowplow data in Google Analytics/Data Studio.

Your product/marketing team can self-serve using the easy and familiar Google Analytics user interface to build funnels, explore audiences, marketing attribution, and user behavior.

Google Analytics Funnel

How it works

As the Snowplow events pass through your SnowcatCloud account, we send a copy to Google Analytics with the Measurement protocol., in real-time.

The following event types are supported:

  • Pageviews
  • Events
  • E-commerce Transactions


The setup is straightforward. Please follow the steps:

  1. Create a Universal Google Analytics Property (not Google Analytics 4)
  2. Share with our team the Tracking Id (e.g. UA-XXXXXXXX-X)
  3. Create custom dimensions to receive additional data
  4. Its done, explore your data in Google Analytics UI, even in real-time reports
Custom DimensionDescriptionExample Data
cd1ISP Autonomous System, Inc.
cd2Connection TypeCorporate, Inc.
cd4ISP OrganizationAmazon Technologies Inc.
cd5City GeoName ID5342353
cd6City NameDel Mar
cd7Country NameUnited States
cd11Weather CodeUSCA0982
cd12Postal Code92014
cd13Device BrandApple
cd14Device NameApple Macintosh
cd15Device ClassDesktop
cd16Device CPUIntel
cd17Operative System NameMac OS X
cd18Operative System Version10.15.7
cd19Browser Agent NameChrome
cd20Browser Agent Version93.0.4577.82